What is Climatematch Academy?

Climatematch Academy (CMA) is a wide-reaching, inclusive and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science. The existing climate science research community severely underrepresents the global population that will be impacted by climate change. CMA strives to create a globally diverse climate sciences community, trained on cutting edge techniques to access and analyze open-source modeled and observational climate data. See our course here: Course

Who is Climatemach Academy?

Climatemach Academy is an all-volunteer organization, run by science enthusiasts from all over the world. From students to faculty to industry professionals, our volunteers are invested in creating globally-accessible science education and building inclusive communities for scientists to learn, grow, network, and discover. See our team here: Team

Climatematch is part of Neuromatch Inc., a nonprofit (501(c)(3) in the United States) organization.

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