Climatematch Academy 2023

Course Overview

Course syllabi and materials will be made available on this site in early 2023.

Join us in one of three positions:

Interactive student

Work closely within a small pod to learn materials from the tutorials and develop a research project with your peers in conjunction with TAs and mentors.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Help to run the course by guiding students through the tutorials and helping them to develop projects. Receive a USD 1500 payment for your help, regardless of what country you work or reside in.


Work with students and TAs to guide the development of research projects and to provide career advice and other forms of support. Mentors will typically be faculty members or established industry professionals.

Climatematch Academy 2023 Dates (subject to change)

Applications Open: March 1, 2023

Applications Closed (First Wave): April 21, 2023

Applications Closed (Second Wave): May 05, 2023

Offers Go Out: May 19, 2023

Acceptance, Enrollment, and Payment Deadline: June 02, 2023

Waitlist Confirmations Deadline: June 12, 2023

Matching, Pod, and Group Assignments: June 24 and 25, 2023

Students and TAs Onboarded to Discord with Course Schedule: TBD

Last Day to Drop or Cancel (Refunds Go Out - Delayed Payment Requests Go Out): June 23, 2023

TA Training: Summer 2023

Course Begins: July 17, 2023

Course Ends: July 28, 2023