Mentoring for Climatematch Academy 

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined Climatematch Academy 2023 as a mentor!

Climatematch Academy mentors have several years of experience working in climate-related disciplines, including industry, academia, government, non-profits, journalism, and science communication.  Our unique course reaches enthusiastic students from all over the world, most of whom cannot afford to attend traditional programs and our mentors' advice was extremely valuable to our students as they discover their interests and potential in climate-related career sectors! 

Mentors visited groups of 4-6 students to speak about their professional path, shared career advice, and provided a networking opportunity.  

We encourage mentors and mentees to stay in touch after the course has ended. Our collective effort to teach and mentor these budding scientists will pay off in the long-term: their positive experience at Climatematch Academy will inspire them to consider careers in climate science and make an impact in their local communities.

Suggested meeting structure (~60 minutes)

Mentors will visit groups of 5-10 students to speak about their professional path, share career advice, and provide a networking opportunity for the students. We suggest for meeting to include the following elements.

Introduction: 10 minutes

Every student introduces themselves, shares what brought them to Climatematch Academy, and how they hope to use what they experience during the course in the near future. This will help students make more specific connections by the end of the hour.

Mentor's Journey and Lessons: 10 minutes

The mentor talks about who they are, what they have done and still do, any lessons they have learned, and the message they wish to share with the group.

Questions and Answers: 30 minutes

We encourage students to ask questions about the mentor's career path, experiences, and area of expertise as well as tips and advice for their own future. 

Networking and Collaboration: 10 minutes

Using the information shared in the meeting, what are some specific ways the group could connect further?